SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — As cannabis advocates are lighting up to celebrate the unofficial national holiday of 4/20, a California lawmaker is reigniting a debate that would allow law enforcement to use new “drug breathalyzers” on people suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs.

Like breathalyzers used to test drivers for alcohol consumption, Assembly Bill 1356 would allow police to use oral fluid devices to check drivers for drug impairment.

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Devices like the Alere DDS2 can detect marijuana within two to three hours of use, while also registering drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

Cannabis dispensary owner Lanette Davies is concerned about people who use marijuana medicinally getting lumped in with impaired drivers.

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“An impaired driver I would completely support not driving.  However, this is just another way of having zero tolerance for people with THC in their system,” Davies said.

The bill’s creator Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, demonstrated the Alere DDS2 with a representative from the California Cannabis Industry Association on Monday.

You can guess who didn’t pass the test.

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