SAN CARLOS (KPIX 5) – It sounded like a no brainer, San Carlos installed artificial turf to save water. Now, neighbors are asking why a turf field is still being watered.

“The reason they put this in was because of the lack of water,” said San Carlos parent Anthony Pedrotti. “It’s a big surprise that there’s actually watering going on.”

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Pedrotti wasn’t alone when he learned that the city still routinely waters the artificial turf on the ball field at Highlands Park.

“I wouldn’t have thought that turf required water at all. but maybe after baking in the sun all day, it might dry out,” said parent Julie Granshaw.

The city installed the artificial turf in 2010, touting what was supposed to be a low maintenance, low to no water alternative to grass. But the director of public works told KPIX 5 because the turf is actually made out of organic materials such as coconut husks, it does require periodic watering.

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City officials claim the turf uses significantly less water compared to grass. Some parents aren’t so sure.

“If you’re paying for all the water that has to go in here, then what’s the point? Why not be able to keep it up as a regular grass field? I think we would prefer to have grass fields if we could,” Pedrotti said.

The city says the turf uses a tenth of the water of a grass field and is considering installing turf at more parks and fields with no end in sight to the drought.

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The city said it costs roughly $2 million to install the turf.