WOODSIDE (CBS SF) — Shaming may be the trick to getting water wasters in Woodside to conserve during the state’s drought, where financial incentives might not be enough.

Woodside resident Don Pugh says many of the city’s affluent residents won’t cut back on their water use easily.

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“Unfortunately, the financial incentives won’t do very much, because money doesn’t mean that much to them,” Pugh said.

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Most Woodside residents use 230 gallons of water per day, still too much for the governor’s liking, but nothing compared to the 1,336 gallons a day that ten percent of the town’s residents consume.

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Dick DeLuna wants to do something about that wastefulness.

“I think we can do something about it,” DeLuna said.

He’s painting his grass green instead of watering it.

Another idea is public shaming the biggest wasters.

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“Maybe they’ll send their in-laws somewhere else, but they’re going to keep their horses,” Woodside resident Daniel Yost said.