SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made stops in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in part of a three day trip to focus on tech ties between his country and Silicon Valley.

The Prime Minister made a quick speech at Stanford University about technology.

“Silicon Valley today has transformed itself, become an entirely different town compared to the Silicon Valley I have heard about. So exciting, and consistently evolving at top speed,” Abe said through a translator.

Protesters greeted Abe at the campus, upset over what they call Japan’s war-time crimes.

Abe did not respond to those protesters.

The Prime Minister also met with Tesla founder Elon Musk for a test drive in an electric car.  When Musk was asked how fast they went, Musk had “no comment (laugh) — that fast.”

Governor Jerry Brown was scheduled to meet with Abe in San Francisco to try out a bullet train simulator brought along for the Prime Minister’s trip.