(CBS SF) — There’s been much talk about self-driving cars that could soon be coming to showrooms. Now, self-driving trucks could soon be rolling down the freeways.

A Daimler freight-liner inspiration truck is the first in the country to receive an autonomous commercial truck license.

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There are only two so far and both are driving in Nevada.

The truck can drive itself while out on the freeway, cruising and braking when necessary.

A human driver will still be inside the cab and can do other duties like paperwork and planning the next trip.

The human will still take full control in the city and suburbs. Daimler says this is the next big step to get it out of the lab.

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“The next challenges we have to overcome are basically to test this vehicle in real life,” said Daimler Executive Wolfgang Bernhard. “Take it out on public roads in Europe and also in the United States. To see about weather conditions, conditions in every temperature [and] how this vehicle behaves.”

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The trucks have a lot of legal hurdles to clear, for example, deciding who’s responsible if there’s a crash.

Daimler says the trucks could be on the road in California as soon as they are certified.

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