REDWOOD CITY (CBS SF) — A Redwood City car wash is taking water conservation during California’s drought, cleaning cars with just one cup of water.

“We do use a cup of water.  When you say waterless, people start thinking, ‘Hey, where’s the lubrication?’ So, there is water, but only a cup,” Eco Green Auto Clean owner Anton VanHappen said.

The car wash is located in the high-tech haven of Silicon Valley, but uses low-tech solutions to save water, like spray bottles instead of hoses. The bottles also contain secret plant extracts and a chemical designed to lift dirt.

“It’s kind of a car-spa,” said VanHappen.

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Customers definitely appreciate the conservation effort.

“With our drought going on, this is gonna be the best thing since sliced bread,” Tesla owner Gail Rossetti said.

The nearly waterless wash will set drivers back $35 for a full service.

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