SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — San Jose is the latest big city in the state to ban filling outdoor swimming pools, and business at hot tub stores in the city has gone cold.

“From the day the drought was declared, and the city council announced its restrictions on filling of hot tubs, it’s closed our doors,” Hot Spring Spas sales manager Chet Lockwood said.

The store is still open, but no one is coming in, and layoffs may not be far behind.

“We can’t see how we’re going to be able to survive through this,” Lockwood said.

San Jose’s city council sent a serious message about the drought, lumping 350-gallon spas in with 20,000 gallon swimming pools in the ban.

“If you’re building a pool today, you can fill it with recycled water or have your kids skateboard in it but you can’t fill it with potable drinking water,” Mayor Sam Liccardo said.

Lockwood says the spas can have health benefits, and can actually help residents save water.

“This is a very small amount of water that we can reuse, and reuse, and reuse,” Lockwood said.

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