SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — People strolling on San Francisco’s waterfront Wednesday report a rare treat, the site of two whales entering the Golden Gate.

“I have heard from other news media that there are two whales in the SF Bay near Crissy Field,” said Laura Sherr of the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. “It is common for whales to come into the Bay.”

While it may not be completely out of the ordinary, many people took to social media to track their entrance into the bay.

Whales are known to be migrating along the coast this time of year. Earlier this month headlines were made when a series of dead whales washed up near Pacifica.

The most famous whale ever to enter the bay was “Humphrey” who made national headlines in 1985 when he swam up the Sacramento River Delta and became trapped, only to be turned around and led back to the ocean by Marine Mammal Center workers, Coast Guard officials and other volunteers.

More recently, a pair of humpbacks known as “Delta and Dawn” may have traveled even farther than Humphrey when they made it nearly 90 miles upstream in 2007.


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