STANFORD (CBS SF) — Drugs, booze and hazing has gotten the Stanford marching band into some trouble, so much that now they’ll be banned from performing at away games for the 2015-16 season.

The school announced the decision Friday after an investigation into the band’s activities from 2012-15 determined it violated university policies regarding alcohol, controlled substances, hazing and sexual harassment.

One specific instance notes a band member was given an alcoholic concoction designed to make him throw up in public.

It’s like something from a movie, but at Stanford the punishment is real.

As a result, the band can’t travel with sports teams or serve alcohol at its events for the next year, prompting mix reactions from students.

“Why do we have to show up at games without a band?” asked Stanford junior Tigran Askaryan.

Stanford Band

(Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)

“On the other hand, I know they have been investigated for violations in the past,” said junior Matthew Chen. “I can understand why the punishment was handed out.”

An administrator explained in a statement, “The university’s objective is to ensure a safe and harassment-free environment while honoring the band’s traditions and its unique, irreverent identity.”

Over the years, the band has developed a habit of getting in trouble, like when they infamously ran onto the field in the final seconds of the 1982 big game versus Cal.

Band members declined an interview but wrote, “There are aspects of Band culture which are no loner in line with our values, and we accept that, despite tremendous growth, we have further to go.”

Still they say, most of what they are being punished for happened at least three years ago.

The band can appeal the penalty. A final decision would be issued by Vice Provost for Student Affairs Greg Boardman.


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