By Brandon Mercer

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) — If you can get into the elevator at venture capital firm General Catalyst Partners–the VC behind AirBNB and Snapchat–you may have a shot at making your pitch for funding. They already have a table waiting to hear your pitch. In the elevator.

The famous 30-second elevator pitch can be taken quite literally, and apparently is at General Catalyst.

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They’re so serious, they even fabricated a sign for the wall next to it, in case would-be startups were confused about the chairs and table in the elevator.

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Of course, if you did get inside, you’d know they’re different. They run their VC firm from a house, not an impersonal and cliche cement office.

“We love being in a comfortable and inviting house. While many VC firms have imposing, bank-like atmospheres, our home is about rolling up your sleeves, hitting the white boards, and tackling the challenges of a startup. We also have made a point of not treating ourselves too seriously, and the elevator pitch room is a good example of that,” said Steve Herrod, managing director at General Catalyst.

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The company is known for being active with the companies they fund, helping team build and creating strategy.