by Tim Fang

(CBS SF) – Nearly four in 10 use social media, nearly 20 percent snap photos and some even video chat on their smartphones while driving, according to a study commissioned by AT&T. The wireless company described the findings as “unsettling.”

Braun Research found 17 percent of drivers surveyed snapped a selfie or a photo behind the wheel, 12 percent shoot videos and 10 percent video chat.
Among those who shoot videos while driving, 27 percent think they can do it safely.

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“For the sake of you and those around you, please keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone,” AT&T global marketing officer Lori Lee said in a statement.

Texting while driving remains a very common activity, with 61 percent saying they read, send or reply to a text behind the wheel. About a third admitted sending or receiving emails, while 28 percent said they surf the web.

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The lure of social media proves to be too powerful for some drivers, as 27 percent admitted checking Facebook behind the wheel. Drivers also admitted checking Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. They found 22 percent of drivers who access social media said they checked it while driving because they were addicted.

Distracted driving can have tragic results. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured each day in crashes reportedly involving distracted drivers.

Last year, a North Carolina woman was killed in a crash seconds after reportedly posting on Facebook.

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Researchers polled 2,067 people ages 16-65 for the survey.