(CBS SF) — Two Yahoo executives are among the 20 castaways chosen to compete on the next season of “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.”

In a “Survivor” first, fans decided the next season’s cast by voting for former players from Season 1 to Season 30 who have never won the game and felt they deserved a second chance to compete for the $1 million prize.

Shirin Oskooi, senior director of product management at Yahoo, was the 11th person voted off the island in the most recent season of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

Bay Sunday Interview: Shirin Oskooi & Hali Ford

A longtime fan of the show, Oskooi told the San Francisco Chronicle she tried out ten years in a row before finally being selected for the cast. She was voted off in April, and when the chance to appear on the reunion show emerged, she started recruiting help.

Andrew Savage, deputy general counsel at Yahoo, was voted of “Survivor” Season 7, along with Oskooi, desperately wanted his second chance.

Last week, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer tweeted out support for Oskooi and Savage — and it clearly paid off.









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