SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A passenger on a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Austin, Texas says his flight returned to the gate after another passenger was spotted writing a suicide note.

Virgin America confirms that a flight on that route, at that time, but with a different number – 218 – “returned to the gate at SFO due to onboard reports from guests concerned about the behavior of a fellow passenger.”

“The guest was escorted off the plane by the police and is being evaluated by medical professionals,” says Christie O’Toole of Virgin America. “The flight had only just pushed back from the gate at SFO.”

Flight records indicate that the plane left for Austin after a 49 minute delay. The airline would not provide further details on the incident.

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“Out of respect for the privacy of the guest and given that the matter is now in the hands of appropriate authorities, we aren’t able to comment further,” Virgin said in their statement.