By Maria Medina

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — An elaborate car theft ring was busted in San Jose after workers at gyms caught on to the scheme.

The suspects were targeting people working out at gyms.

“Two employees noticed two men that were acting suspiciously,” YMCA COO Elizabeth Jordan said.

Jordan says a van was stolen from the YMCA on Santa Teresa, and workers quickly connected the theft to the two men who acted strangely.

The employees used surveillance video to warn other YMCA’s in the area.

“The cameras are high resolution, so we can actually catch facial features,” Jordan said.

When the two suspects showed up at a YMCA on Quito Road, workers knew right away who they were.

The suspects would distract gym workers while one would break into lockers, grabbing car keys and making off with vehicles.

Officers in San Jose Police’s task force were searching for the suspects.

“Our task force is comprised of detectives throughout the entire county,” San Jose Police Sergeant Ken Davis said.

Davis says it took one investigator who recognized the suspect in the YMCA video to end the crime spree.

One-by-one, the suspects and stolen vehicles were located.

“Without the Y, it would probably be very difficult, and we’d probably still be looking for some of the suspects,” Davis said.