SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — First-ever statewide mandatory water restrictions in California went into effect Monday, impacting nearly everyone at home with a combination of rate increases, surcharges and penalties.

East Bay Municipal Utility District spokeswoman Abby Figueroa says the water agency did not wait for Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order to reduce water use by 25 percent before deciding to take action.

EBMUD is expected to reduce water use by 16 percent, but Figueroa said the district is aiming for a loftier goal of 20 percent.

The district board will vote next week on a rate increase as well as a surcharge for the agency to purchase water from its Freeport facility in Sacramento. Both measures would add $12 to an average monthly water bill.

Figueroa said people who already do a good job of conserving water won’t have to worry much. “If a customer already cuts back on water use, then the surcharge will have less of an impact on them,” she said.

On Monday, Palo Alto’s plan to cut water use by 24 percent went into effect.

Outdoor watering is now limited to two days a week and before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

The percentage varies for other cities and districts around the Bay Area.

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For Livermore it’s 24 percent, while San Francisco faces an 8 percent reduction.

In San Jose, customers have just two weeks to prepare before some tough, controversial water cuts go into effect.

Starting June 15, all residential customers are limited to 11 unites a month, or roughly 8,200 gallons a month. If a customer goes over that, it’ll cost up to $7.12 per unit.

This rule applies to households with four people or less. If a household has more than four people, customers can file an appeal that will give them an extra two units per person per month.

In the North Bay, Marin Municipal District has to cut back by 20 percent.

Bottom line, customers should check with their local water provider to see when your cutbacks go into effect and avoid paying those penalties.

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