VATICAN CITY (CBS SF) – In sharp contrast to generations of Catholic teachings, Pope Francis reportedly conceded Wednesday that some couples are simply better off divorced.

“It is true…that there are cases when separations are inevitable. Sometimes they can even become morally necessary,” the pontiff said during his weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Pope Francis indicated he was referring specifically to cases of abuse, violence or exploitation against one partner or small children.

It’s not clear if that topic was behind the Pope’s tweet Thursday morning:

Catholic officials admit that the topic of divorce is among the most sensitive and difficult to reconcile for the faith. Francis and key bishops are expected to consider the idea of allowing  remarried divorcees to take communion and other contentious social issues at an upcoming meeting in Rome this October.

Pope Francis’ first such meeting last year made headlines for an apparent softening in the church’s stance toward LGBT community participation in the church.