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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews “Ted 2: Legalize Ted,” a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and his pal, a cute, vulgar teddy bear that embark on a legal battle when the toy can’t have a baby with his wife. Also reviewed is “A Little Chaos,” in which Kate Winslet places a landscape designer picked to build a main garden at Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles.

TED 2 (R) 115 min

Seth MacFarlane’s humor is often described as crude. In his latest effort, he continues that theme as writer/director and the star voice in the sequel to ‘Ted’. Ted is married now to a character played by the very funny Jessica Barth.  They can’t have a baby because Ted isn’t considered a human being, he’s a stuffed toy. A legal battle ensues and some of the wit in what’s written may surprise you. It’s worth seeing if you’re in a silly mood.

A LITTLE CHAOS R (117 min) 

A woman is chosen to build a main garden at Versailles. The landscape gardener is played with conviction by Kate Winslet in a time when women were nothing but decoration. Alan Rickman directs, co-writes and stars as King Louis XIV. The movie has comedy, Stanley Tucci as well as gorgeous period detail. It may not be a true story, but it feels like it should be.




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