By Gregg Rosenblum

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A motorcyclist got some quick karma after placing a sticker with an anti-police message on an Oakland cop car, and it was all caught on his own helmet mounted camera.

BLOX STARZ TV posted the video to YouTube showing the motorcyclist take off from a parking lot after an Oakland police SUV passes by.  As the motorcyclist catches up to police, the video shows the rider place a sticker reading “I don’t stop for cops” on the side of the cruiser.

As the rider speeds away, a reflection shows the officers fire up their lights and give chase.  As the motorcycle gains some ground while weaving through traffic, he narrowly misses a car turning through an intersection.

Karma catches up with the rider a few blocks later, where he’s forced to hit a median to avoid a pack of other riders.  The collision with the median sends the rider and his bike tumbling to the ground.

The video has nearly four million views on YouTube.