SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – In case you haven’t hit the store yet for this weekend Independence Day family barbecue, better plan to expand the budget a bit.

According to research from Rabo AgriFinance, the average ten person barbecue has risen in cost by more than 30-percent over the past ten years, with items like beef, tomatoes, lettuce, bread, pickles and chips all surging higher over the past year.

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To feed ten people, the firm found it now costs $68.22. That number was $51.90 ten years ago.

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Here is the complete breakdown from the Rabobank BBQ Index:

Components and Weighting by Value:

  • Lettuce – $1.06 (up from $0.99 in 2014): 2% of total barbecue
  • Tomatoes – $2.09 (up from $1.95): 3%
  • Cheese – $2.87 (down from $2.90): 4%
  • Bread – $2.93 (up from $2.80): 4%
  • Soda – $3.61 (up from $3.58): 5%
  • Pickles – $3.64 (up from $3.51): 5%
  • Chips – $4.43 (up from $4.37): 7%
  • Chicken – $8.52 (down from 8.62): 13%
  • Beef – $10.34 (up from $9.64): 15%
  • Ice Cream – $9.39 (down from $9.82): 14%
  • Beer – $19.35 (up from $18.59): 28%

So, if you’re looking to make your budget stretch, things like chicken, cheese and ice cream are cheaper than what they were a year ago.

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“Consumers will get some relief from dairy products this Fourth of July, with both the cost of cheese and ice cream coming in 2.2 percent and 4.4 percent lower than in 2014, respectively,” said Ross Colbert, Head of Food and Agribusiness Research at Rabobank. “Those types of discounts do not apply to other popular commodities like beef, tomatoes and lettuce.”