(CBS SF) — A new conservation project lets anyone take a leisurely swim along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef through the eyes of a sea turtle.

The World Wildlife Foundation placed a GoPro camera on a green turtle’s shell to get a better idea of the animals’ behavior.

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Nearly all sea turtles are on the endangered species list as a result of being hunted for their eggs, meat and skin. They also face danger from climate climate, which alters sand temperatures and affects the sex of hatchlings, according to the WWF.

The GoPro video also gives scientists a unique view of life in the world’s largest coral reef system, home to more than 6,000 species.

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On Wednesday, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided not to add the Great Barrier Reef to the endangered World Heritage sites list, but said it would continue to monitor the region for environmental danger.

Meanwhile, the WWF continues to pressure the Australian government to ban all dumping on dredge soil in the region.

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