KPIX 5 Morning Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales answers the questions you never get to ask on-air.

Q: Hi Roberta, I’ve noticed a lot of broken tree branches, recently as I ride my bike around. Could this be caused by our California drought? – Ray Smith, Livermore

A: Perfect timing Ray. Last Friday, a huge tree just fell over at Mt. Diablo, injuring a couple of campers. Officials are saying this is probably a result of the drought and the local “beetle” bug.

Trees tend to draw up a tremendous amount of water during the day. The moisture is then released through their leaves. Last week we had a couple of really hot days. When a tree limb drops, the tree hasn’t had a chance to shed some of that moisture. The moisture of the weight of the water can bust a limb. So it’s not necessarily the dry, brittleness of the limb busting off, but rather the weight of the water laden leaf!

Another theory of recent limb breaks can be from squirrel or woodpecker damage.

The number one tree known for droping limbs in the summertime here in the Bay Area is the Oak Tree. Second is the Maple Tree. Others are the Bradford Pear, Modesto Ash, Redwood Ash and Sycamore.

Limb drop occurs without warning. However, if you hear a loud popping sound while under a tree, get out of the way immediately!

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