SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – Lazar Lloyd is the king of Israeli blues.

You don’t have to live in Chicago or New Orleans to have the blues, you can have them in downtown Tel Aviv, and that’s where Lazar currently has them.

He’s an American who, through a very indirect path, ended up in Israel playing the blues he learned here. A master musician, he has developed an eclectic style born on Highway 61 which has traveled to the Wailing Wall.

Last weekend Lazar came to the Bay Area to play at the Hayward Russell City blues festival and Biscuit and Blues (July 12) and then Monday night July 13 at Lefty O’Douls in San Francisco, with our own Mike Sugerman and other members of the Eyewtiness Blues Band.

Here’s a sample from Mike and Lazar: Two Jews sing the Blues about the News