OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A news van was broken into and robbed of equipment in Oakland Tuesday morning.

A KTVU reporter and photographer were outside and away from the van parked at 32nd Street and Linden in Oakland while covering a story about a teeenage driver killed in a crash into a funeral home.

Raw Video: Damaged News Van Following Break-In

A security guard was accompanying the crew, but was away from the van during the break-in. A tripod and other equipment was stolen in the robbery.

The robbers fled the scene and had not been located as of Tuesday afternoon.

The robbery comes nearly three weeks after two news crews were robbed and pistol-whipped in San Francisco and is the latest in a long series of robberies targeting TV news staffers in the field.

Following an initial rash of incidents in Oakland in 2012, news stations began hiring security guards to accompany their crews in locations believed to be high-crime areas.