SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Less than a week before the first major televised debate of 2016 presidential campaign, Topic A among politics analysts remains Donald Trump’s surprising rise in national voter-opinion polls… In San Francisco, bicyclists demand the freedom to roll past stop signs.

Donald Trump Is Running For President

On Sunday, KPIX 5’s Phil Matier discussed The Donald with San Francisco Chronicle politics writer Carla Marinucci and former S.F. mayor Willie Brown.

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“I think the media has been the loser in this whole thing with Donald Trump,” said Marinucci. “We call him on it when he says something stupid … and the public, once again, turns to the media and says ‘stop killing the guy, he’s telling it like it is!’ I think … in the debate he’s gonna be the cobra.”

Brown said Trump’s propensity for grandiose promises accompanied by few details makes him a natural candidate.

Brown summarized Trump’s effect on his party’s base this way: “You think, ‘what is [Trump] talking about?’ — it doesn’t matter to the public, though. For Joe Sixpack and those guys — that’s my guy!”

Bicycle riders participate in a 2003 'Critical Mass' ride. ( David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Bicycle riders participate in a 2003 ‘Critical Mass’ ride. ( David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

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A group of bicyclists in San Francisco calling themselves the “Wigg Party” staged a protest last week by riding down busy Market Street, making full stops at all stop signs to demonstrate how strict compliance with existing laws worsens traffic.

Did they make their point?

Both Marinucci and Brown agree that full stops could significantly slow traffic in the city, with Carla stating forcefully: “bikes are the future and I think the city better get used to it!”

“Go after [bikers] who are unsafe but don’t make them stop at every stop sign — that’s just unworkable if you’re on a bike,” Marinucci added.

“That is legitimate, you are correct,” Brown responded.

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“It is totally unworkable to stop at all, apparently, if you’re on a bike,” Brown teased, referring to many cyclists’ practice of riding on sidewalks.