SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — When your husband has 4 Super Bowl rings, 3 Super Bowl Most Valuable Player awards, and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, who do you consider a hero?

Jennifer Montana has been married to the above-mentioned man for 30 years. You probably know him. His name is Joe Montana.

After 30 years with the former San Francisco 49ers QB, she doesn’t hesitate when you ask her what people she considers heroes.

Joe Montana and his sons Nick and Nate.

Joe Montana and his sons Nick and Nate.

“Anybody who is making a difference in what they do…giving back, community service, teaching,” she says. “I think those are the people who should be put on a pedestal, the people who keep us safe, those are the real heroes.”

But who is her biggest hero? C’mon… give us a name. Jennifer thinks for a moment.

“My mom,” she answers, finally. “She is everything to me, she is inspirational. I count on her and her opinions every day.”

What about Joe? Who is his hero?

“It better be me,” she laughs.

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