HILLSBOROUGH (KPIX 5) — It’s a home pulled from the Stone Age and now eager onlookers can put a bid in to buy it.

If you’ve ever driven north on Interstate 280 by Hillsborough you’ve probably seen the quirky looking Flintstone House.

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In 2007, the homeowner appointed architect Eugene Tssui to not just remodel the home, but “create a work of art within a work of art.”

“We created something that had never been done before,” Tssui said.

The kitchen looks pulled from the pages of a Dr. Seuss novel. But whimsy is what the homeowner wanted Tssui to create.

“There’s no boundaries,” he said. “There’s no limits.”

Inspired to stretch his skills, Tssui drafted these plans for a brand new second home on the same land.

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But that second building never got built. Tssui says the planning department worried it would draw even more tourists to the Flinstone House.

“They knew it would attract a lot of attention,” he said. “Even more so than the first building.”

Second building or not, curiosity about the Flintstone House never went away. And now it’s on the market for $4.2 million, which Tssui says is a good price.

Regardless of money, Tssui says the home shouldn’t just be sold to anybody.

“[It’s for] that person who is not afraid to stand out from conformity,” he said. “From the usual, everyday mentality of living.”

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The realtor says the home built in 1976 is in good condition and could sell fast.