SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Police are hoping a new video will lead to a cyclist who became violent during last week’s Critical Mass bike ride.

Video of the attack in the Marina District last Friday has gone worldwide. A cyclist on the ride attacked a Zipcar with a woman inside, as she tries to drive around the scrum.

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Warning: Video Contains Some Profane Language

The man, who used a bike lock in the attack, was seen in the video with a long moustache, wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt that reads “Nonviolence is our strength.”

KPIX 5 has obtained additional video from earlier in the evening from an anonymous person who doesn’t want to be identified. It clearly shows the face of a rider wearing the same clothes: same shirt, same shorts. The man with the moustache smiles a lot as he rides through San Francisco.

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Police are looking for the cyclist. “We are hopeful that you will put the video out on TV,” said Captain Greg McEachern of the San Francisco Police.

“We are trying to get the best still photos that we can of the individual so that you can put those photos out and we are hopeful that either the video or the pictures will jog someone’s memory and will cause them to notify us,” McEachern said.

McEachern said Zipcar has shown police the damaged vehicle. The windows were smashed and it’s got about $3,000 in damage. Investigators have also identified the woman inside the car who escaped without injury.

“We have reached out to the victim and left a message for her. And we are still waiting for a reply from her,” McEachern said.

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Police said they are working with Zipcar, so even if the woman does not come forward, they should be able to file charges of felony vandalism against the suspect. They are hoping she does come forward and they are hoping that anybody who recognizes the man with a mustache to give them a call.