SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A kite surfer at the western edge of San Francisco who ended up blown off course was hit by a car Friday afternoon and seriously hurt.

San Francisco Police responded to a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian crash around 3:12 p.m. on the Great Highway just south of Sloat Blvd.

Witnesses said strong wind dragged the kite surfer from Ocean Beach through a parking lot and then into the median barrier on the Great Highway, where he was then hit by a SUV traveling in the southbound lanes.

“It’s definitely a freak accident. This is a relatively safe sport. You definitely need to be more of an expert level when you come out in a wind like this today,” said Alex Lowe of Alameda, who has been kitesurfing for seven years.

Lowe said, “He probably got in what’s called an uncontrolled kite loop. So if one of his lines crossed, the kite will spin uncontrollably and it will drag you at the wind speed.”

The strongest wind gust in the area Friday afternoon was 47 miles per hour.

Police said the kite surfer suffered head trauma and he was taken to the hospital. His condition was not immediately known.