By Betty Yu

MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) — A Texas high school freshman who ended up in handcuffs when he brought his homemade clock to school was the star on the Google campus in Mountain View on Monday.

Less than a week after his arrest, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed visited the campus for Google’s science fair. Students and grownups alike were eager to take photos with the teen.

“I’m a teacher and that is the kind of kid you want in your class, right? That kid that is inspired, that wants to go out and do lots of cool things,” said Janet Kolstad of Los Altos

The Muslim teen ended up in handcuffs when his homemade clock beeped in class, and startled his teacher.

“I felt like I was a criminal.  I was profiled as a terrorist.  I was just an innocent person, normal kid, straight-A-student,” Mohamed said.

After Mohamed’s story went viral, the science fair tweeted to him saying, “we’re saving a seat for you.”

On Monday, he toured projects on display from 20 finalists from around the world, and attended the awards ceremony.

“I think it just makes us glad that he’s having a good time, and that he can be with kids that are interested in the same things that he is.  And, these young scientists that are really going to change our future,” Google’s Brand Marketing Lead Miriam Schneider said.

Los Altos teen Julia Kolstad is the same age as Ahmed.  She’s been following his story in the news.

“It taught me that it’s okay to be different, and do want you want to do,” Julia told KPIX 5.

This was Ahmed’s first trip to California. He also toured San Francisco, stopped at In-N-Out and attended a barbecue at Google.

After being invited by President Barack Obama, Ahmed will make a visit to The White House next month.