SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A pilot was forced to take emergency action when a plane door flew open mid-air after taking off from San Francisco International Airport.

The Wheels Up Cessna Citation with five passengers on board took off from SFO on August 6th toward Drummond Island Airport in Michigan.

As the plane climbed to 2,000 feet, the pilot can be heard on the audio recording demanding to turn back.

“Uniform Pop declaring an emergency.  Need to return to the field immediately,” the pilot says.

When asked if the pilot was able to maintain terrain, and obstruction clearance, the pilot replied “Negative.  A door flew off the aircraft.”

The controller asks if he can climb higher, but the plane was having trouble staying airborne.

“Cannot climb.  I gotta hold the aircraft.  We cannot climb, and we cannot maintain clearance ‘cause of the clouds.’”

Eventually, the pilot receives the OK from SFO to return.

New York-based Wheels Up said in a statement that it is committed to the highest standards of safety.

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