SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — San Francisco’s transit planners are calling a pilot program involving those controversial tech buses a success.

This doesn’t mean the buses are here to stay.

Cesar Chavez Street is like a tech bus thoroughfare. The Facebook bus picks up at Mission Street and a couple blocks down at Folsom Street the Google people line up.

None of them are allowed to talk to reporters but they’re pretty quite and unassuming.

The municipal transit agency report finds 8,500 people use these corporate shuttles each day with nearly half of them saying they’d drive if there was no bus.

The analysis says the pilot program designed to regulate these buses has worked in reducing the number of blocked Muni buses and cutting congestion on city streets.

Although it does not say whether the buses should be permanent, but it suggests better enforcement to keep shuttles from blocking streets and bike lanes.

The companies pay $3 a stop to use Muni stops, a fee the critics say is way to low.