SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — A Sacramento DMV office is setting strict limits on employee bathroom breaks and even docking workers’ pay if the they take too long.

CBS Sacramento reports a grievance was filed by one of their employees against a “potty policy” at a DMV call center off Power Inn Road. According the,

The SEIU Local 1000 employees union says DMV managers are deducting pay and/or leave time for employees that take more than 7 minutes on a bathroom break.

“That gives you time to walk there and walk back,” said Sacramento resident Susan Morris, “and no time to do anything else.”

Managers have become concerned that some employees weren’t spending enough time doing their duties at their desk.

DMV spokesman Jamie Garza released this statement:

“The DMV is aware of a grievance filed by the union and the DMV is in the process of preparing a response. The DMV takes these matters seriously and is looking into the allegations.”

The employee who filed the grievance has not commented publicly.