SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A boy named Keaton awesomely narrates as a shark chows down on a marine animal in the waters off Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay in a video posted to YouTube.

The video, posted Saturday with the title “Great White Shark attack in Alcatraz waters” shows a bloody area of water bubbling just feet from a dock at Alcatraz before a large shark appears.

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“A frenzy.  That’s a great white,” a boy named Keaton can be heard saying as someone films.

“It’s right under us!” he shouts as the shark swims underneath the dock.

The video was posted with the description “Guess we know what happens to the few escapees!”

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WARNING: The video below is graphic.

The video goes on for a few more moments before parts of the animal’s body can be seen at the water’s surface.

“Its heart is floating away.  Cool!” Keaton says

Keaton sums up the whole event as “the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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The best part of the video might be Keaton’s attempt at mimicking the ‘Jaws’ theme song, but hey, at least he knew the reference.