MENLO PARK (KCBS) — Facebook is looking to expand its command of the Internet with a new video channel which will allow users to save clips that have shown up in their news feed, as well as giving recommendations on other videos to watch.

The idea is basically giving users an option to YouTube, as advertisers spend more money on sites where eyeballs are focused for longer periods of time, the exact problem facing Twitter, which struggles to keep users engaged for more than a fleeting moment.

The new video section is being rolled out on a test basis and would initially be limited to suggested videos based on a user’s previous activities on Facebook and that of their friends.

Facebook’s move into video would also allow public figures to livestream on the network, and sharing ad revenue with content producers in order to compete with YouTube.

Although YouTube is still the dominant leader in video sharing, Facebook is catching up according to a recent study.

The report by Ampere Analysis showed Facebook’s quarterly video views are rising at a faster rate than YouTube’s. For 2015, Facebook is on track to deliver two trillions video views, versus three trillion for YouTube.

However, the report also noted Facebook “hasn’t yet been able to compete with YouTube’s ability to deliver revenue returns to content creators through its huge engaged audiences across the globe.”


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