NAPA (KPIX 5) — Video of a Napa man confronting an allegedly reckless teen driver in his neighborhood has gone viral after the teen accused the man of molesting him.

Chris Lundstrom didn’t want to go on camera, but did offer an explanation as to why he confronted the teen driver.

“He’s already approaching the stop sign. As soon as I press play, you’ll see he blows right through this first stop sign,” Lundstrom said, referencing video he took of the teen’s driving.

Lundstrom first learned of the teen’s alleged driving behavior from the online neighborhood forum NextDoor.

Video of the confrontation on YouTube.

“You guys need to stop,” Lundstrom tells the teen in the video.

When Lundstrom is begins walking away from the teen’s car after saying his piece, the teen responds by saying Lundstrom had “touched me. They all saw you touch me.”

The teen yells back at Lundstrom, “you molested me, fool!” before the video ends.

Because the teen made those claims, Child Protective Services and Napa Police got involved in the case. Authorities said based on videos and testimony from the passengers in the car, there is no evidence to support the teen’s molestation claims.

Lundstrom says several neighbors had recently reported the teen’s driving.



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