SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The United States Postal Service wants to email your mail to you.

It’s called Informed Delivery, and it’s already available in cities on the East Coast.

Customers can sign up for an app online to have a photo of the daily content of their mailbox emailed to them daily.

“Black and white images of your actual letter-sized mail pieces, processed by USPS sorting equipment, will be provided… each morning,” according to the website.

The USPS doesn’t open the letters. Customers have to do that themselves to see what’s actually inside.

Still, the USPS says this digital preview of the daily mail will be a big help for customers when they are traveling, or expecting an important letter in the mail.

Informed Delivery is not available to businesses, and only covers letter-sized mail, not packages, catalogues or magazines.

So far, the system is being tested in certain zip codes in New York and Virginia, but the USPS says it will expand the program in 2016.


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