Dan Roth is a criminal defense attorney and is self-employed at the Law Office of Dan Roth. He represents people who have been accused of committing crimes ranging from drug and theft offenses to federal conspiracies, economic espionage and tax evasion. Roth’s days are spent meeting with clients, evaluating evidence, negotiating with prosecutors and appearing in court.

(Photo Courtesy of Dan Roth)

(Photo Courtesy of Dan Roth)

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Roth graduated from Ohio State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in history and English and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. He received his Juris Doctor degree in 2004 from Boston College Law School.

What are the scope and responsibilities of your current role?

“My job requires me to learn the factual and legal basis for the accusations against my clients, evaluate the evidence and then work to achieve the best possible result, whether that be an acquittal at trial or a plea deal that is consistent with the truth and my client’s actual culpability and best interests. This often requires extensive negotiations with prosecutors to illuminate weaknesses in their case, and when necessary, taking a case to trial.”

What is your favorite part of your daily duties?

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“I work with both clients and their families to help them understand every step of the legal process, and it’s very gratifying to be able to reduce their stress and level of concern during challenging times.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“Yes – every level of my education, from the public schools of Akron, Ohio to my college and law school experiences, prepared me for my current role by exposing me to a rich diversity of people and viewpoints and by teaching me critical analysis of texts and people’s words and behavior.”

Do you have any advice for people who desire to pursue a similar career?

“Anyone interested in being a lawyer of any kind should speak to as many lawyers as they can and try to experience the legal world through jobs or internships. If you do all that and still want to be a lawyer, then go for it. A friend’s dad once described the law to me as ‘a great and noble profession.’ Despite the many flaws in our legal system and the legal industry, I think that what he said is quite true, and I encourage great people to become lawyers.”

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