FAIRFIELD (CBS SF) — Authorities are looking for a Fairfield woman suspected of animal abuse after she was caught on video angrily throwing a pug into the street like a ragdoll.

The woman in the video has been identified as Brandi Chin.

The video shows Chin walking, holding the pug carelessly, and tossing it near Texas and Pennsylvania Street. A man rushes over to grab the dog. Chin seems agitated in the video.

Investigators said the incident is connected to an argument Chin had with her boyfriend, adding this isn’t the first time she’s hurt the animal.

“She was recently seen walking down the business district in Fairfield and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around,” said Michael Ramirez of Solano County Animal Services.

Investigators believe Chin is hiding out in the Vallejo area.

“I think that she should be punished and maybe someone should talk to her about animal cruelty,” said Candy Seward, the roomate of the Chin’s boyfriend.

Anyone with information is urged to call Solano County Animal Services.

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