SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — You can still find a room for Super Bowl weekend but it’s going to cost you. Try $879 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown San Francisco. A few blocks away at the Omni Hotel a room will run you four grand.

At the (usually) far more affordable La Luna Inn in San Francisco’s Marina District, where rooms typically go for around $99 a night, you can expect to pay three times as much.

Manager Scott Williford knows there’s likely to be sticker shock when guests phone in for room rates.

“You’re not expecting to get quoted, y’know, $300 … or high-$289 rate. It might catch you by surprise,” he says.

That’s considered a below-average rate according to travel website TripAdvisor. So far, the cheapest rates are in Santa Cruz, at $273/night. Oakland has the second-best rates averaging $286/night. San Francisco is among the most expensive with an average room rate of $479.

Not only are the rates steep but a lot of Bay Area hotels are locking guests in.

At the La Luna Inn, for example, there’s a 3-night minimum, the payment must be in advance and there are no refunds.