SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — As construction and road closures for Super Bowl City put a choke hold on downtown, the old joke “you can’t get there from here” may actually be coming true for some businesses in downtown San Francisco.

“Obviously, Super Bowl City is right outside the door of our SF headquarters, and we’re making sure that our employees are aware of it,” PG&E Spokesman Matt Nauman said.

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They probably already know.  Beale Street, outside the PG&E building is closed, and with all the parking and commute concerns, the company is encouraging any of its thousands of downtown workers who can work remotely to stay home, or relocate to other company facilities.

“Thanks to today’s technology, we’re able to do a lot of our jobs in other locations,” Nauman said.

But we sometimes forget about those who can’t.  Khosro Javid owns Mojan Cleaners, also in the PG&E building, but on Main Street, which is also closed.  It is the only retail business on the entire block and he has been all but forgotten.

“This morning, when I opened I never had a customer,” Javid said.

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His first customer of the day came in around 1 p.m., but pretty soon there won’t even be foot traffic passing by.  Security gates go up at the end of the block, and the only people on this street will be partiers heading into Super Bowl City, and they probably won’t be bringing their dry cleaning with them.

“Almost three weeks, yeah. I don’t know, I have no idea what I’m gonna do, how I’m gonna pay my bills.”




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