SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF ) — When it comes to dining out, the Montanas stay pretty close to Joe’s Mediterranean roots.

The couple divide their time between their homes in Napa and San Francisco. Jennifer shared the couple’s top 3 places to eat whenever they eat out in The City.

Kokkari's Kouzina dining room. (

Kokkari’s Kouzina dining room. (

At the top of her list, Kokkari Estiatorio downtown. Rated number one by Zagat, the woodsy, taverna-style décor at this Greek restaurant probably reminds the couple of their multi-million dollar digs in Calistoga, dubbed ‘The Villa Montana.’ Moussaka, whole fish, baked feta — Kokkari “sets the bar” according to the restaurant reviewers at Zagat. Amazingly, even though Zagat gives the food, decor and service high marks, the price is relatively inexpensive. Be warned: reservations at Kokkari, “are a necessity.”

Fresh homemade bread at Piazza.

Fresh homemade bread at Piazza.

Next on Jennifer’s list? Pazzia Restaurant and Pizzaria in SOMA. No doubt the old-world Italian food at this family style restaurant – homemade bread, fresh pasta, roasted fish — reminds Joe of dinners with his Italian grandparents. Autentico! How Pazzia has managed without a fancy schmancy website is testament to their devoted following. If you absolutely need to see something online, you can always check out Pazzia’s fan page on Facebook.

(Photo: Tony's Pizza Napoletano)

(Photo: Tony’s Pizza Napoletano)

Tony’s Pizza Napolitana in North Beach rounds out Jennifer’s list. ‘The Best Pizzaria in America,’ according to Forbes… no wonder this place is a Montana family favorite. Twelve different regional style pizzas and 7 different wood-fired ovens keep owner Tony Gemignani’s at the top of all the ‘best’ lists in town. Reviews from his satisfied customers have words and phrases like ‘crowded,’ ‘chaotic,’ ‘loud,’ and ‘worth the wait.’

Buon appetito! writer, producer Jan Mabry is also executive producer and host of The Bronze Report. She lives in Northern California. Follow her on Twitter @janmabr.