SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Young Marlo Mosley’s moves on the gridiron could make any quarterback look good.

She has a passion for the game that radiates from her smile and the joy she displays as she runs pass patterns on the field.

“I just really love football,” she told KPIX’s Countdown to Gold.

The 11-year-old has also made an impression on her teammates and now her talents are being rewarded by receiving a rare honor. She will run the game ball onto the field at the start of Super Bowl 50.

“Before the game, I will get the game ball and hand it off to the referees,” she said.

Will she be nervous with a stadium full of people and millions watching on TV?

“A little bit because all those people are watching, but I think I’ll get through it,” she said with a confident smile.

Marlo not only excels on the field but also in the classroom at James F. Smith Elementary School in San Jose.

She won the honor by taking part in the NFL’s national “PLAY 60″ campaign which encourages young people to exercise for at least an hour a day each day.

Marlo says she wants to follow in the footsteps of two NFL pioneers – Jen Welter of the Arizona Cardinals and Kathyrn Smith of the Buffalo Bills.

“I love the formations and the strategy of it,” Marlo said. “I would love to teach it when I grow up.  And also I would like to lead a team to the Super Bowl and just make them be better.”