SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — A specialty sausage served up during Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium will shine above other selections as it will be topped with real gold.

The stadium’s concessionaire, Centerplate, has created what it calls the Big 5-0 Sausage, flecked with edible gold flakes – known as “culinary-grade gold leaf.”

The beef and pork sausage is topped with sauteed peppers and made from 50 different ingredients by Centerplate chefs at the stadium to commemorate the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary.

The gold flecks won’t cost any more than most other stadium food. A Centerplate spokesman said it would be priced at $12.

The fancy frankfurter is not the first gourmet sausage to be sold at Levi’s Stadium. The Bourbon Steak & Pub inside the stadium offers a Smokin’ Double Barrel wagyu hot dog, which will set you back $18.


Carlos E. Castañeda is Senior Editor, News & Social Media for CBS San Francisco and a San Francisco native. You can follow him on Twitter or send him an email.