(ET ONLINE) – Donald Trump may have won New Hampshire’s Republican presidential primary, but Johnny Depp wins for best impersonation of the 69-year-old aspiring politician.

San Mateo-based “Funny or Die” went all out to create a 51-minute spoof that centers around Trump’s bestselling book Art of the Deal — and it could go down as one of the most epic parodies the world has ever seen.


In addition to Depp, the Funny or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie is packed with famous faces, starting with award-winning director Ron Howard introducing the film. Comedian Patton Oswalt stars as Merv Griffin, 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer is Trump’s architect Der Scutt, Arrested Development’s Henry Winkler is Mayor Ed Koch and Casual’s Michaela Watkins is Ivana Trump. Room’s Jacob Tremblay, Conan’s Andy Richter, The Officecreator Stephen Merchant, and iconic ’80s stars, including ALF, also make cameos.

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