LAKE COUNTY (KPIX 5) — It’s been five months since the Valley Fire scorched tens of thousands of acres in Lake County. The devastating blaze destroyed nearly 2000 structures. But amid the rubble, two fire victims found each other.

They’re happy now, but Lacy Lackey and Shaemus Kennedy were pretty down in the dumps when they first met.

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The pair were at the Calistoga Fairgrounds wondering if their homes had survived the Valley Fire.

“I heard the music in the bandstand, so I came up and was dancing,” recalls Lackey. “I waved across the bleachers to a friend of mine who was sitting past him, and he got up after the song and said ‘hi, did you just wave to me?’”

“And she said, ‘no’,” laughs Kennedy.

But they’ve been inseparable ever since. The music Kennedy played at the Evacuation Center kept Lackey and her mom’s spirits high, even after they found out they’d lost their house and a friend died in the flames.

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“During that time, that was the only thing left… connection, and people that we loved, and open hearts,” explains Lackey.

Those open hearts fell in love. In the months since the fire, they’ve moved in together and been each others’ ‘rock’ while rebuilding their lives.

“We’re getting engaged pretty soon, we just got our rings from Israel a couple of days ago,” says Kennedy. “We’re looking forward to a life together and it’s so unexpected.”

It’s a life that will bring them great joy, even if it was borne out of a great tragedy.

“Love and community matter more than a home, more than things… matters more than even a place,” says Lackey.

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Kennedy adds, “you gotta go with it, gotta follow your heart even in places you weren’t expecting it to go.”