By Don Ford

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — Warm weather has many Bay Area residents sniffling and sneezing as flowers, trees and bushes all start to bloom.

Carol Rotblatt suffers from allergies.

“I love all of it except it gives me a headache,” she said.

Pollen, lots of it is blowing around in the Bay Area, and for Carol, it’s bad.

“Scratchy eyes, feels like, you know, there’s something in your eye balls,” she said.

“This is one of the many pollen seasons,” Horticulturalist Griff Hulsey said.

It is tree pollen season now, and later in spring, there’s the big daddy – grass pollen season.

This week, the star is the acacia tree, leaving a thick pile of yellow pollen on cars, and in people noses.

“If I had an acacia on my property, it would have been long gone,” Rotblatt said.

“it’s an individual thing, so other people are more bothered than others by certain kinds,” Hulsey said.

It will take a change in weather to drive the pollen count down.