SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Most of the stores where you shop probably have the new machines that let shoppers dip their new security chip-equipped cards rather than swiping, but they aren’t using them yet.

By now, your old mag stripe credit cards have probably been replaced by the more secure, EMV chip-embedded cards, and you might think merchants would want you to dip that chip card into a reader as soon as possible.

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“Many of the merchants that have waited to roll out these new chip card terminals, they’re just waiting until customers have a better handle on how to use them. They don’t want to be the first merchants to turn them on, then have bad customer experiences with longer lines, or confusion in their stores,” Alex Johnson, director of credit advisory service at Mercator Advisory Group said.

The deadline has passed for retailers to make the switch, and they’re on the hook for any fraudulent purchases made the old school way with a swipe.

There are a variety of reasons for the delay in changing over. Alex Johnson, director of credit advisory service at Mercator Advisory Group says dipping isn’t that different from swiping, but it takes a little getting used to.

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“You have to leave the chip card in the terminal for the length of the transaction,” Johnson said.

A dip ended too soon can cause a delay and could result in dirty looks directed at you.  Johnson says the other reason for delay is different levels of fraud.

“Counterfeit fraud is going to be more highly associated with stores where the goods that can be purchased are easy to resell.

That’s why many grocery stores are still going for the swipe.

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