SAN JOSE (KCBS) — Hillary Clinton is ahead in the race for the White House, and in the Bay Area, she’s ahead on cardboard too.

Ray Mireles, who runs Commerce Printing, has been conducting an informal poll by making the rounds at political events with cardboard cutouts of the two Democrats running in the race.

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Mireles says they’re magnets for people armed with cell phones, and he has been taking the political pulse by letting people take selfies with the cutouts, and tallying up who they choose.

“We let them make the choice. They already kind of know who they want, and if they’re undecided, they take them both,” Morales said.

Mireles set up shop at the state Democratic convention in San Jose, and over 2,000 people shot selfies with the cardboard candidates. He says Clinton, came out ahead.

“It’s kind of what the polls are showing. Hillary’s just a little bit ahead. Bernie, it’s amazing how all the young people, almost all the young people are taking pictures with Bernie. It’s really, really interesting,” Morales said.

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He says one demographic in particular wants to pose with Hillary.

“To be honest with you, it’s been a lot of women. And, they’re just really for her one hundred percent,” Morales said.

While young people flock to the fake Bernie.

“Some of them do it as a group, you know, four, five all together around him, hugging him, putting their arms around him,” Morales said.

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Morales said he hasn’t heard many people ask if they could pose with a Donald Trump cutout.