HAYWARD (KCBS) – Bay Area artist Andrew Kong Knight has created a unique sculpture of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, partly made from locally-sourced art supplies.

“We often walk in the Hayward Hills, so we collected the bull manure, right in our backyard,” Kong Knight told KCBS.

When asked how he was able to mask the smell, the artist explained, “What I did is we added glue to it.”

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The manure is spewing from a 3-D face of Trump with a sculpted mouth, offering a Nazi salute with one arm, and holding $100 bills in the other. A large pile of excrement also sits on a map of the United States, outlined with a tiny fence.

“So this is my message to the world that I don’t support this hateful man,” Kong Knight said. “If people are offended by this, that’s good because I’m painting just what is going out there. It’s just a reflection of what’s going on.”

Kong Knight said it’s the scariest piece of art he’s ever done, and he hopes to show it in area art galleries.