SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Duboce Triangle is a tiny slice of San Francisco, but it has seen some big crimes in recent years, including homicides and a recent assault.

Neighbors say it’s ruining their quality of life and at a Monday night meeting dozens of those neighbors asked police, what’s going to be done to fix it?

Coral Etkin, who lives near Duboce Triangle, said “It seems creepier. It just seems so much creepier now.”

Another resident, Dean, said the neighborhood has become downright violent. A man attacked him and his wife just last month. On Monday night, for the first time, San Francisco police released a sketch of that suspect.

Dean’s assault isn’t the only unsolved attack. Two years ago a man known as Feather Lynn, whose real name was Bryan Higgins, was beaten to death. Another man, Mike Marquez, was shot to death.

That has many in Duboce Triangle saying they look over their shoulders.

Mark Scheuer, who also lives in Duboce Triangle, said, “psychologically, I’ve been affected too, and I just kind of look twice when I’m walking down the street.”

The entire San Francisco police force has 300 fewer officers than just a few years ago. In recent months, however, Park Station police have assigned an investigator to Duboce Triangle and beefed up foot patrols.

Dennis Roybal, who lives in Duboce Triangle as well, said, “I have seen a difference. I have seen an increased police presence.”

But many said lasting change will mean neighbors working with police to clean up the streets.

Etkin said, “I feel I should be able to walk around my own neighborhood at 10 at night.”